We Are Stonemate

Stonemate Madencilik was established in Denizli, Turkey in 2009 with the aim of being the leading exporter of natural stone products in Turkey. It is our prime priority to move Turkish natural stones, widely used in the world, one step further and make them accessible to all. With our extensive experience in stone industry and willingness to be your one-stop shop, you will find all you look for when it comes to Turkish natural stones.

Turkey has one of the world’s largest natural stone reserves, which is considered to be excellent quality and exclusive due to great variety of colors and textures. Common characteristics of Turkish are that they free from any cracks or other defects, come in wide range of colors, yield large blocks and consistent in quality. Turkey has immense reserves of marble, travertine, onyx and limestone and been in the natural stone arena for long with its 4,000 years of background in marble production.The marble ruins dating back to thousands of years ago which were found in archeological excavations are the proof of it.

Marble’s wide range of use has brought life to the world’s economic market and prestige to the countries which have the resource. Turkey is among few countries which have rich resources. Today, Turkey harbors 40% of marble reserve of the world in its lands, and comes the 5th in production in the world. Turkey has around 650 types of marble in different colors and quality.

In addition to Marble, Denizli is the main centre for travertine production in Turkey. Denizli Basin has the world’s highest quality travertines, it is also one of the world’s major travertine production centers.

In light of our above five determined criteria, we as “Stonemate” will assure that your desired needs to be completed above your satisfaction level and expectations.

In order to succeed this goal, we will inform and update you during all phases of the production and logistical transit times. Stone-Mate business strategy differs from others with following conveniences.

• Stonemate premium quality of travertine products vary in almost every sizes, colors, edge profiles and surface finishes. Carry approximately 1 million sqf. of travertine tiles, stone pavers, tumbled stone, poolcopings, etc…

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